We are proud resellers of the well renowned Hundested propulsion equipment in Norway. Hundested delivers the best in the business, including CP-propellers and -gearboxes, shafts, pitch control units, stern tubes, thrusters both fixed and CP, tunnelthrusters, retractable thrusters. Electric and hydraulic. Power ranges up to 3300 kW. Hundested products are well known for their reliability and high service level. Hundested is very flexible when it comes to special solutions. We can help you project your entire drive train! We would love to hear more about your project.

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New product: 2-speed Marine Gear Box

Based on the design of the well renowned Hundested Marine Gear Boxes and following the same principles, Hundested now offers 2-speed gear boxes. This allows for 2 gear ratios in the same gear box, meaning that you can run your propeller at large variations in load and RPM, achieving optimum efficiency in several operating conditions. This while keeping RPM constant on your engine and for example shaft generator. Please contact us for a discussion of how you could possibly benefit from the Hundested 2-speed Marine Gear Box!

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Technical assistance

Dealing with us you will benefit from Hundested's long experience in designing, engineering and producing propulsion systems and equipment for 100 years. From our experience in propulsion and hydrodynamics we can assist you in getting the most out of your new propulsion unit. We can advice you in choosing the correct solution for your needs or we might help you improve your existing design, hull form etc. in order to get even better performance out of your new propulsion unit.

Hundested Propeller is well known for their high service level before, during and after installation. This ensures you the best possible support also in operation and maintenance of your Hundested equipment.

We would love to hear more about your project to see how we might be able to contribute. Email or call us +47 96704044

Specialists in electrical propulsion. Lunde Initiative's cooperation partner has developed this revolutionary propulsion system incorporated in the keel, intended for electrical propulsion. The propeller folds completely into the torpedo shaped keel for minimum resistance and maximum protection. It has been built and tested with very satisfactory results. The propeller operates completely silent and vibration free. Contact us to hear how the Vanishprop could fit in your project.

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About us

Lunde Initiative AS is owned and managed by Rune Græsdal Zilcken, mechanical engineer and naval architect specialized in propulsion and hydrodynamics. Rune is a former employee at Hundested Propeller A/S. Our goal is to provide excellent service to our customers leading to good long term relations and great satisfaction with the purchase of Hundested products.